accident prone

Portland turned out to be accident prone

Portland is one of the most dangerous places in the whole United States, or if not the most dangerous but surely the most prone to different accidents as according to statistics. In such a difficult environment, the lawyer services are naturally growing in demand. Although there are many professional lawyers in Portland, some of them do the job more efficiently than others. Based on our research, the bigger companies, such as tend to charge less while doing the providing the same quality services. Another advantage of the bigger companies is that they have enough resources to perform their own investigations where it is needed. Some of the conspired accident cases could not be resolved without the help of proper investigation. Other than that, the bigger firms also tend to have a larger base of reviews; usually just enough to lead is to the accurate conclusions. Continue reading

nursing sexual abuse

The rising incidents of nursing sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is becoming very common in the nursing practice. Most commonly it is observed in the nursing homes. The victims of such abuse are typically deranged patients or these being in critical state such as in coma, etc. and would be unable to recall any such action if have actually taken place. Even more strange are the increasing cases of rapes of the elderly. Continue reading

Acting on personal injuries – the mini guide

When it happens that you are getting injured, you must understand that the law is willing to help in protect you, but in order to do that, they must have enough evidence that it is your assailer who is at fault. The court may not be as easily convinced even if you show them facts, or so you think facts, because for them to be able to actually conclude something, is necessary to follow the required law procedures that you are probably unaware of anyway. Continue reading

construction work injuries

The peculiarity of construction work injuries in law

Injuries causes on construction job sites are often being segregated into a dedicated topic of law among the majority of modern legal schools. The reason for it, is that on the work of construction there is really a thin edge when an accident should be treated as caused by the worker itself or otherwise the employer. Why is this so? Construction is considered a dangerous zone and so workers assume they work with elevated risks. They are also being made aware of the security regulations and the best practices, such as the requirement to wear helmet and boots, etc. Now on the other hand, construction workers are getting drained much more intensely than any other workers, and when they get tired or perhaps bored, they may allow oversights happening. Continue reading

nursing home abuse

Making investigation on nursing home abuse

If often happens that nursing homes allow serious violations that at the same time are being left unnoticed. Today the nursing personnel are always in deficit, so the nursing homes recruit untrained and unprepared candidates. As a result, we see more and more negligence leading to the cases of death and serious injuries. Continue reading