Benefits of plasma cutter

Plasma cutter it is impossible to call a tool for everyday use. In fact, it is rarely used for household needs. However, in the production and construction sphere, the device of plasma cutting is an irreplaceable thing. Instead of suffering and cutting off a sheet metal with an angle grinder, it is possible to use a plasma cutter, then works will be expedited and are high quality, the cut will be super fast, accurate, without agnail and scale. There always will be an individual who considers that it is more convenient to use the angle grinder for easy works and gas cutting in difficult situations. Frankly speaking, this personal business of everyone, but these personal preferences do not belittle at all those advantages which plasma cutter can offer. Plasma cutter is used in mechanical engineering, for production and repair of metalwork and the equipment, for cutting of pipes and sheet metal in the municipal, economic sphere and advertising. The beginner, who has never worked with this technology can have quite a reasonable question how to choose plasma cutter for these or those needs. This article describes the principle of work of a plasma cutter and to what characteristics it is necessary to pay attention in case of its choice.

Benefits of use of a plasma cutter:

  • Due to the absence of gasses, it provides the minimum environmental pollution.
  • High cutting speed. In case of cutting of metal with fifty – sixty mm thickness performance increases up to ten times. Only laser cutter may be to consider faster.
  • Plasma cutter gives an opportunity to cut steel, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, copper, aluminum, and alloys. It is only necessary to pick the correct current intensity.
  • There is no need to conduct preliminary actions – to remove a rust, paint or dirt. They do not interfere with the process at all.
  • It turns out to be exact, equal, without lapping and scales. Moreover, further handling is practically not required The place of a cut heats up only in the narrow range, therefore thermal deformations of metal of procurements are minimum even if metal thickness very small.
  • It is safe because only air is necessary for its work.

As you can see, there are many benefits of plasma cutter usage. By dint of it, become possible to cut metal for doors, gates, fences and also to cut and dismantle big designs and many other.