Characteristics of A Good Martial Trainer For Kids

Children are special and training them some aspects such as martial arts when they are still young is easier than on adults. This is because their minds are not that much occupied as they do not worry about bills to pay, hard financial times or even other family-related issues. You can take your kid to train for martial arts either as a career or for self-defense. Irrespective of your aim, it is important to get the right trainer from the word go. This is a sensitive art and not everyone can qualify to be a trainer and you should thus look for the following.

    1. Understands the needs of the students

The approach that a trainer takes when it comes to children will differ from the one he or she takes when it comes to adults. Even though the end results might be similar, the brain conditioning and muscles are not the same. The teacher will then narrow down to gender and there will be a softer approach when it comes to girls as compared to boys. The teacher will then evaluate each student personally to know of his or strengths to know the best approach when it comes to training.

    1. Has a balance between being a guru and a coach

Most of the coaches are people who have participated in this art at a professional level. Sometimes their ego could be so huge just because they have several titles under them. Even though it can be a motivation to work hard, kids need more of a coach than a guru. The feedback on students’ performance should be honest and not based on emotions and human prejudgments. A good teacher will not discriminate on trainees based on physical appearance and talents.

    1. Understands the curriculum inside out

Foundation is very important and missing one step will take the kids in the wrong direction. Martial arts is somehow conservative and the teacher should thus stick to the curriculum. There may be temptations to add their own flair to spice the art but they should remember to maintain the good parts. The knowledge that kids get will be a lifetime experience and it is thus important to get it right from the start.

Once you decide to take your kid to a trainer, the above characteristics are very important. The ideal trainers are companies with a reputation such as the London Fight Factory who have been in the game for quite some time.