Check Out the Best sushi rice rice cooker For You

Sushi is a mouthwatering Japanese dish. It is eaten with specially made sushi rice. You can cook this rice traditionally or you can make it using a sushi rice maker. It will save you time and effort when you use an automatic rice maker. Read on to see and choose the best sushi rice rice cooker for you.

Zojirushi sushi rice cooker

This is a well known and reputable high quality rice cooker. It is definitely one of the best sushi rice rice cooker that you can get today. There are many models of the Zojirushi sushi rice cookers. The best of these is the fuzzy logic technology cooker. This amazing sushi rice cooker can hold 3 cups of raw rice to cook. It is a versatile appliance that can easily cook Spanish, brown, sushi, mixed and white rice as well. Not only can it cook superb sushi rice, it can easily prepare quinoa grains and porridge real quick. The Zojirushi makes use of Micom technology that ensures that the rice is well cooked in whichever style you want. The appliance is constructed out of stainless steel. As such, it is attractive and can be placed on the counter top or wherever you want to. For between $150 and $260, you can get this amazing rice cooker.

Aroma sushi rice cooker

This is a very effective budget sushi rice cooker. The rice that it prepares is tasty and well cooked. There are a number of models of this rice cooker. You can get the 20 cup or the 6 cup aroma sushi rice cooker. It has a digital controller. As such, every rice meal that it prepares is sweet and well prepared. It can cook other things in addition to rice. These include vegetables and even meat. You can easily steam these as you cook your rice below them. Its digital controller has a 15 hour delay timer. Thus, you can plan your meals by setting it to cook your rice by the time you are arriving at home. Its inner pan has non-stick capability. This means that it is easy to clean after using. Mroeover, every single part of this rice cooker can be washed in the dishwasher. For between $15 and $100, you can get a model of the Aroma which is one of the best sushi rice rice cooker today.

Instant pot sushi rice cooker

Well known for its speed and capability, this is an amazing sushi rice cooker to get. The Instant sushi rice cooker truly lives up to its name. You can program it to cook your rice after a set number of hours. It can prepare sushi rice, Spanish, brown and regualr rice very well. In addition to these, it can cook poultry, beans, stew as well as various types of soups. It has a capcity of 6 quarts. Thus, it can prepare enough rice for you and your guest. It costs between $135 and $235 and will deliver your expected results.

Cuckoo sushi rice cooker

In terms of design, there is no other sushi rice cooker that looks as good as this one. It has a matte white and vibrant scarlet color tone. Moreover, it is round in shape. It can cook 6 cups of sushi rice easily and efficiently. Due to its shape, you can easily set it and place it anywhere in your kitchen.