Different Types Of Pumps For Bikes

Cycling is a sport which requires great stamina and human effort. It is always irritating to face some problems in riding your bicycles and there are times when your bike makes you feel the cycle too heavy to pedal and ride. This may be a case of low air pressure in your tires. Proper air pressure is always required for efficient and safe biking. Proper air pressure not only provides better handling but also provides efficient cycling by using less energy and efforts. You can maintain proper air pressure in your tires by purchasing the right pumps. Many pumps are available in the market for tire filling and you can get to know more about them at Pumps For Bikes. These pumps are also available online on many websites. You can choose the pumps according to your need.

There are many types of bike pumps available for sale. Some of its types are mentioned below.

  • Floor Pump: Floor pumps are ideally used in homes or in shops. These pumps are capable of providing high end performance in air filling while some small air pumps fail to do so. This pump is usually the first choice of people. This pump offers a long flexible hose, large air chamber which provides a large amount of air flow in single pump for quick air transfer.
  • Mini pump: These portable, small, light weighted pumps are designed for emergency purpose or some occasional purpose use only. These pumps are so small that they can be attached to various places on your bicycle frame or mounting hardware which can hold the pump tightly. Mountain bikers usually keep these types of pumps with them to use it in case some emergency arises.
  • Frame pump: Frame pump is designed similarly to the frame of your bicycle. It fits inside the triangular frame of your bicycle. This makes the pump big in size and it delivers a lot of air with high pressure. These pumps are longer and heavier in comparison to mini pumps. Always check its compatibility with your bike before purchasing it.
  • CO2 inflators: These are light weighted, quick, temporary alternative for air filling. These CO2 inflators are not air pumps but actually work as an air pump. This inflator contains compressed CO2 which can be used to fill bikes tires. Its cartridge is expensive and can be used only once. These inflators are very popular with racers and with those people who don’t want to carry something extra on their bikes. The cartridge used in filling can be kept in pocket.