Effects of Noise Pollution and Remedies

Technological advancements have seen the introduction of heavy machinery and equipment that produces high levels of noise. Loud music, traffic, people talking on the phone, and other audio devices has become a part of the urban culture. High level of noise can cause serious social and health problems. The following are the major effects of noise pollution and remedies.

Sleeping Disorders

Experts recommend that you should sleep for at least eight hours in a day. Loud noises can interfere with your sleeping patterns and sometimes lead to irritation. Lack of enough sleep can negatively affect your productivity at the place of work. You are also likely to fatigue which affects your concentration while carrying usual chores at home. A white noise machine can help you sleep better because it produces relaxing sounds. Systems such as those found at http://www.soothingnoises.com/ have multiple sounds choices, and you can choose the best fit.

Health Issues

Excessive noise in working areas such as construction sites, homes, bars and offices can affect your psychological health severely. Health concerns associated with noise pollution include constant stress, hypertension, fatigue and aggressive behavior. You should wear ear muffs when working in a noisy manufacturing facility or a construction site. You can also invest in soft carpets as they are good noise absorbers. Insulating your house and fitting weather stripping will also reduce the amount of noise that seeps through such openings.

Hearing Problems

The ear is a very sensitive organ and responds differently to various sounds. There are those sounds that the ears can take comfortably handle while others are beyond its ability. Loud sounds from heavy machinery, jackhammers, and certain airplane and vehicle models can be too much for your ears.  Your eardrums will be at a high risk of damage if you constantly expose your ears to such noises. Long exposure to loud noises also reduces your sensitivity to certain sounds. You can invest in sound-proof walls if you live in a noisy neighborhood. You can also purchase premium appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machine, grinder, mixer and an air conditioner that produce low noise levels. Some home appliances produce unwanted sounds due to technical problems. Ensure that you repair and fix such devices on time. You should also check them regularly and replace the defective parts.

Controlling noise pollution requires discipline and dedication. Identifying the pollutants is the first step towards curbing this problem. The approach will vary from one person to the other depending on the magnitude and settings.