Everything You Need To Know About Welding Helmets – The Components And The Usage Tips

Safety comes first for those who are working with constant ultra-violet rays and the infrared rays. The welders require such protection. They often wear welding helmets to protect their eyes. These helmets come in two variants the passive or the traditional one and the auto-darkening one. They both have different features.

While the passive welding helmet is more traditional and the user will have to fix it before using the gun, the auto-darkening welding helmet is modern and is used by many. Both of them do a great job in protecting the eyes from any kind of harm. In this article, we will be talking about the tips to use the helmets correctly and their components.

Know the required components of the welding helmets

Welding helmets are made in order to protect the user’s face from the ultra-violet rays from the welds. That is why their components of such helmets are distinct. Here is the brief description of the required components according to the experts –

  • Shell -the shell of such helmets will have a lens which will protect the eyes.
  • Outer cover plates – these are usually made up of metal, and prevent the lens from getting scratched.
  • Filter lens – a filter lens is essential in the helmet because it will filter the harmful rays from the welds. This lens must be made out of glass with a filter.
  • Retailer lens – these lenses must be made from plastic. They are known to retain any kind of small pieces that can cross the filter lens which will affect the eyes.
  • Gasket – it will serve its purpose when it is placed between the cover and the filter lens. It will make sure than any changes in the heat will not affect the user.

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Some tips and tricks to make the most out of it

In order to make the most out of your welding helmets, make sure you follow the tips given below –

  • Ensure that you read the manual fully. This will enhance your knowledge and you will be able to use it wisely.
  • It is important to work in the open areas because many a times there are chances that you will harm the environment around you.
  • Wearing the right gloves and the footwear will protect your hands and feet from the welds.

Lastly, ensure that you are fully covered while using the gun. This is because any exposed part of your body can get affected by the ultra-violet and the infrared rays.