Finding Your Air Compressor

Are you thinking about investing into a reciprocating air compressor for your garage, workshop or business? There are various things you need to know before you can go ahead and buy one. The air compressor represents a huge investment for your business. You, therefore, need to take time to understand all about the air compressor and the options that you have for the business.

This is because having the wrong air compressor not only disappoint you in the end but it also lead to huge maintenance and repair bills in the future.

The Compressor Type

Reciprocating air compressors come in three different types: the single stage, two stage and twin compressor. Single stage compressors compress air in a single stroke, providing a pressure of 125 psi. If you need more power, opt for a two stage compressor that uses two stages for compression of the air. It generates around 175 psi.

Making the ultimate decision needs you to understand the capacity you need in terms of cubic feet per minute.

The Tank Size

You need to consider the tank size when choosing the compressor. The bigger the tank size the bigger the compressor. Always opt for a bigger size because then you are be able to generate more power. A bigger tank is ideal when you use large tools that use more than what the compressor can supply. Pressure also drops slowly when you use a bigger tank.

Air Filters

The need for air filters depends on how clean you want your air to be. This depends on how you use the compressor. Usually the compressed air is hot, dirt and wet, you might have to filter out some of the components before you use the air. If you use this air for paint spraying, you wouldn’t want water, oil or dust in the compressed air. Instead, you expect the air to be very clean.

If, on the other hand you use the air only for powering your air tools, you don’t care so much about the oil, the only thing you don’t want is the water. There are different filters for various applications. You can get a filter that removes water droplets, dust and oil from Air Compressor Scout.

Final Words

The right air compressor makes tasks much easier at for you at your place of work. Make sure you choose the right kind of compressor for the tasks you handle.