How Hard is it to Build Muscles

How Hard is it to Build Muscles?

It is not hard to gain muscles mass. However, some things are essential. In fact, the more you stick the basics of the game, the easier it is to get the physique you’ve yearned for. Here are some of the fundamentals you should know.

Supplements Work

Yes, they do. There’s a catch though – not every supplement you come across is beneficial. As a general rule, you should only choose trusted bodybuilding products. So be sure to read a couple of reviews before spending your cash. Of course, you want to get value for your money and most importantly, choose a supplement that will help you achieve your training goals quickly.

Genetics Play an Integral Part

While no one will tell you this, your genetic composition determines your body’s ability to grow muscles. Even then, you can start small, lifting for a couple of minutes every day and improve as your body gets used to the demands of working out. Still, being young and male favors muscle building.

Mix High Volume with Medium Volume Intensity

For starters, volume means the number of sets and repetitions. Intensity, on the other hand, refers to how much weight you choose.

For every bodybuilding routine set, perform ten to fifteen lifts with less than one minute break in between the sets. That way, you will stimulate your body’s ability to generate lactic acid and by extension boost the production of growth hormone.

Push Exercises to the Edge

See, weight training isn’t easy. You must develop the resistance to push each set of exercises to the near failure. Keep in mind that failure here means you cannot tolerate one more repetition due to body fatigue.

You can, for instance, start with repetitions in your first set and then reduce each set by two. That way, your last set will be eleven lifts. Remember, you should push your body to the limit, even as you tire.

The Bottom Line

The secret to gaining muscle is to remain consistent with your workout program. And when you hit a plateau, switch things up a little bit. Train at least three times every week. Also, be reasonable with how fast you expect results.

You won’t build muscles within the first few weeks of going to the gym. Even then, remain focused and take breaks when necessary. Don’t forget to eat foods that can help you grow muscles including refined carbs.