How to Make Your Chainsaw More Efficient

When working properly, chainsaws are great tools to have around your home. One of the ways to make sure the chainsaw works perfectly is to keep it in tip-top condition. Here are top tips to make sure the chainsaw works properly for longer.

Keep It Sharp

Forcing a dull chain through a piece of wood makes the task tougher than it really should be. It places a lot of strain on the chain and makes each task hard. With a sharp chainsaw, you handle tasks faster and much easier, reducing the wear and tear that can occur on most of the chains.

Make sure you use a gauge to sharpen the edges to the proper depth.

Keep the Chain at the Proper Tension

A chain which is too tight can lead to stalling of the saw.  If you are using a non-roller-tip bar, then a chain that is over-tightened can overheat. So, make sure the chain isn’t too slack or too tight; otherwise, you risk affecting the whole chainsaw.

When installing a new chain, make sure you break it in the right way – especially at the right tension. Make sure all the parts and movable pivot points are well-lubricated. Start off with light duty work to see how it performs; you can then tension the chain or loosen it a bit.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

Cleaning the air filter is a good way to improve performance and extend the life of the chainsaw. The air filter is the best way to protect the engine from taking in dirt and sawdust, which can then plug the carburettor and lead to hard starts and poor runs. The dirt also wreaks havoc on the piston rings, which reduces power.

Always Use Fresh Gasoline

If you have stored the chainsaw in the garage for an extended period, then you need to drain the gasoline and use a fresh one. As the oil/ gasoline ages, it begins to break down, and its efficiency reduces. It creates vanish and gums that plug the carburettor and cause hard starts and tough runs.

If you are planning to use the chainsaw you got from over a few days, make sure you mix the gas to last only a maximum of 30 days, because after this it starts to break down.

In Closing

If you want your chainsaw to serve you better, then you need to look after it properly. Follow these tips to help get more out of your chainsaw.