Instagram Direct Messaging Best Practices You Should Know

Just like any other social media channel, you should not start using Instagram without an awareness plan. The truth is, using Instagram tools effectively can cause a tremendous boost to your engagement strategy. By following some guidelines, you may realize that the platform is more than just a social site. One of the tools whose best practices you need to understand is direct messaging. Here are some of them.

Avoid Group Messaging

Millions of people use Instagram every minute. In an attempt to reach out to a wider audience and save time, you may be tempted to send messages to a batch of people at once. Unless you are connecting people who are related or know each other, it is always advisable that you avoid messaging in groups. Recipients of a group message are able to see each other’s responses on Instagram and if they do not know each other they may not be comfortable engaging you back.

Turn On Notifications

Although you may remember to check your phone once in a while to engage those who respond to your direct messages, sometimes you may get too busy and forget. To encourage personalized and timely interaction on the platform, respond to messages as they come in. Make sure that your notifications are turned on so that you can reply to messages promptly and consistently.

Remain Relevant

You can use direct messaging to share promotional material to a large number of people but it is important that you remain relevant. Only share information that is beneficial to your followers, especially those who are new. Introduce your brand in bits and provide information that is useful to your target.

Be Friendly

Unless requested, do not bombard your followers with a list of products or services without connecting with them. DM when it is necessary and engage the audience on a personal level. Reference a previous communication, hashtag or message as a way to start a new conversation. Use friendly terms in order to create a lasting relationship.

Minimize the Use of AutoResponders

You may be tempted to use autoresponders to engage those who send you a direct message. However, if you want to maintain the quality of your engagements, do not use them. Most autoresponders are not personal enough and if not regulated, may annoy your followers and destroy some vital connections. In case you really need to automate, make sure you get a tool that you can turn on and off when necessary. Check out this page for some automated messaging services with this feature.

In Conclusion

The good thing about Instagram messaging is that you can use it to connect with anyone on the platform. By following some of these best practices, you can use this feature to strengthen your relationships, build your audience and communicate with your followers more effectively.