Learn About Wine Openers And Their Advantages

It would be hard for someone to open a wine if there is no wine opener, unless he is an expert to alternatives. But opening a wine would be a lot easier if you have the proper wine opener, or better known as corkscrew.

If a person considers buying a wine opener, it would be best for him to understand first the different kinds of wine opener and their uses before making the transaction.

The different types of wine opener

One of the many types of wine opener is the basic type or the T-shaped corkscrew. It consists of a screw with a handle on top. As the name suggests, it looks like a letter T.

Another type of wine opener is the Sommelier knife or waiter’s style corkscrew. The corkscrew can be tucked away and so with the knife which is usually used to remove foil on bottle.

The twin-prong cork puller or double-prong or two-prong is also known as butler’s friend or Ah-So. The user will push the prongs between the cork and neck of the bottle and twist the cork out of the bottle.

The butterfly corkscrew, angel or wing corkscrew has two levers at the either sides of the screw. The levers are raised when pushing down the screw into the cork. The cork is taken out of the bottle as the levers are pushed down.

The lever style or rabbit corkscrew is used by gripping the bottle at the top, raising the lever up for the screw to grip on the cork, and pushing down the lever for the cork to be taken out.

Another type of wine opener which is usually used in restaurants or bars is the wall or bar mounted corkscrew. It is attached to a wall or clamped to a bar.

The twisting pull cork has a circular rim which will be placed on the lip of the bottle. The user will then twist the handle until the cork is extracted.

Which wine opener to buy? 

For someone who has more than enough to spend, he can take the good and easier to use wine openers like the lever style or butterfly corkscrew. But even if one is on a tight budget, he should avoid spending on very cheap wine openers without considering its quality. The Sommelier’s is not bad at all.

There are sites about wines and wine openers. One must visit and see the website of Pop a cork and find informative facts about wine openers.