Meat slicer. Everything that you need to know about this device.

People say that meat slicer is a good device. Well, in any case, it is definitely not bad. It saves time – process of cutting by means of this device proceeds much quicker. Of course, you would not call meat slicer a subject of the prime kitchen necessity. But if you love sandwiches, organize house parties often, or guests are quite often unexpectedly declared to you – we advise to get it. Everything that it is necessary to know about slicers you will find in this material. Also, recommend you to visit Slice Wiser, a place where you can find buying guide and reviews of the best meat slicers available.

Before buying meat slicer, surely define its place in the kitchen. The place should be the one where the device would not bring excess trouble and its operation will be the most convenient. Most likely it is a place somewhere around a finishing table. This is very important. The matter is that many, having bought such device, hide it for some reason in one of kitchen cases. As a result, it does not bring any result.

Everyone has to know it.

Meat slicers happen to be different power but up to 200 W. In principle, it is not obligatory to purchase the most powerful meat slicer. Any similar device which power makes 100 W and more will perfectly cope with cutting of various products.

The knife is the main element of a design of the slicer. Without it, it is just useless motor in the case. The knife always round and made, as a rule, of stainless steel. However, some producers complete the expensive models with knives of the famous German firm Solingen. In principle, usual, knives are quite qualitative too. But if you plan to use the device quite often, it is probably better to buy the slicer with Solingen knife.

It is worth paying attention to how the knife in the slicer is grounded. There are two types of sharpening – direct and wavy. The first is usually characteristic of inexpensive models. In general, at the correct use, such knife will quite not bad cope with all products. For cutting of cheese in general direct sharpening of a knife is recommended. Wavy ground knives – the privilege of more expensive models. They are very convenient for cutting of the products having different density. Not for nothing, the classical grain knife (usual, with the handle) is ground wavy – it helps to cut a firm crust without effort and pulp is cut further as usual. Anyway, the knife in the slicer has to be self-sharpened.

The round knife in the slicer rotates and as it is easy to guess, promotes cutting of products. In some models, the speed of rotation of a knife can be regulated. Professionals (at restaurants, for example), usually use slicers with one speed. And here it is better for an ordinary user to get with a possibility of adjustment. The matter is that different products are easier to cut at different speeds of rotation of a knife. For example, it is easier to cut soft cheese at the minimum speed, and firm products at high.

Cutting thickness, a possibility of its adjustment.

Actually, it is for the sake of what, in many respects, the meat slicer is bought. It can very accurately and beautiful cut various products. Agree, it is much more pleasant to treat house or guests to beautiful sandwiches, a canape, accurate meat or vegetable cutting. Its taste somewhat depends on appearance of food. For example, thickness of slices on which it is cut in general is very important for cheese: usually, the more thinly is better. And here bread pieces have to be precisely thicker than cheese.