Smart Tips to Become a Framing Service Technician

As a framing service technician, you can perform activities related to those of structural welders and steel workers. Such professionals work in new and refurbished buildings, bridges, and industrial set-ups.

Business overview

In the building and construction industry, there is continuous work, which is why you can secure a job in this industry as a welder or framing service technician. Population growth has led to the demand for residential, commercial, and industrial units. As an independent contractor, you can provide technical services to individuals and businesses when they set up their units.

Framing services aim at fixing wooden structures, steel structures, beams, girders, and columns to strengthen buildings and structures. Another name for framing service technicians is ironworkers. If you choose to work in this field, you can visit Welding Wolf to find more information regarding welding helmets.

Expected revenue

The median annual wage of a framing service technician is $44,540 per year or $21.42 per hour. This is according to the Department of Labor. As a framing service technician, you can start with a low scale pay, which gradually increases as you become more skilled. The earnings also depend on whether you work full-time or part-time.

Job outlook 2010-2020

According to DOL, employment as a framing service technician is expected to grow by 22% by 2020. This projection is faster than average for all occupations. This is because of the need by many home and property owners to rehabilitate, replace, or maintain buildings as well as highways and bridges. The state and federal governments fund most of the framing services, which creates employment for many professionals in this sector.

Work environment

As a framing technician, you can work mostly in the construction industries, which absorb a greater percentage of iron and steel workers. Your services are useful in foundation building, non-residential building constructions, and other heavy engineering constructions. The work of a framing technician is physically demanding and most of the time happens outdoors.

Work related tasks

As a framing service specialist, you are required to align beams and girders in position, connect columns and girders using bolts, rivets or welding techniques. In order to work effectively as a framing service technician, you should be a certified welder as part of your profession. You should also verify the vertical and horizontal alignment of the structures. When a construction company employs you, you can render such services on behalf of the company. On the other hand, you can provide the services to your clients as an independent service provider.

What you need to find a job

In order to work effectively as a framing service technician, you should attain the minimum age of eighteen years. Physical ability to perform the task and enough training are both needed to enable you to operate as a framing technician.