The Number To Call When You Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car

Driving is a serious business, owning a car is a big responsibility, because you can make many mistakes. One of these mistakes is putting by accident the wrong fuel into the tank. It isn’t a big mistake, but you should know what to do to avoid destroying the engine.

It is a common mistake

Many people ask themselves how could I put wrong fuel in my car. How could I mix up diesel with petrol, it is so simple. But you should know that this is a common accident and the reasons it happens are multiple. The car might be new, or you might be driving a car you have never driven before and you are not used with that type of fuel, you might be tired or thinking of something else, or you might just not realize that you have picked the wrong pump. There are even cases when the employee of the petrol station isn’t careful and he doesn’t choose the right fuel, or he is distracted. It is such a common mistake that you shouldn’t feel scared or embarrassed.

If you figure it out quickly, you might even get away with it

The first thing you should know is the fact that a little bit of wrong fuel won’t destroy the engine. If there is less than 5% wrong fuel in a full tank, you will probably get away with it. Therefore, if you realized what you have done immediately after you’ve put the pump into the car, it can be ok, just fill it up with the good one.

You don’t need to panic, help is on the way

If this accident occurs and you figure it out too late, when the tank is full, you don’t need to panic, there is always a solution. There are specialized firms that you can call and a unit will come as soon as possible to help you. You can pay them on the road, you don’t need to pay them when making the appointment and this is a great benefit, because you might not have a credit card on you. When the specialized team will arrive at your car they will be ready to drain the wrong fuel and save your car. It is important to tell the mechanics exactly what happened, how much of the wrong fuel you’ve put into the tank and if you have started the engine afterwards. Even a few seconds are important and you should specify this. If you realized the mistake before starting the car they will need to empty just the tank, but if you have started the car, the fuel will be in the system and it is important to specify this aspect to the team.