Top Ways to Use Instagram

By now, you have probably heard about the popular visual social platform Instagram. This app is available for your smartphone, making it ideal for use anywhere. You can be in the factory and upload an image of your manufacturing process, or on a bus and upload a video of anything you find interesting!

One of the things that you need to consider when you start your Instagram journey is how other brands are using the platform. When you have this information, you can now borrow some practices from these competitors and use them to your advantage.

Photo Contests

One of the great options for many brands on Instagram is the use of photo contests that attract users. With many people having access to the app, the chances of getting a good response are high. This becomes even better when you have a prize to offer the users.

Behind-the-scenes Information

Traditionally, brands shied away from sharing information about their processes. But with the times, brands are now more than willing to share images about their processes. These pictures give the users a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and show a side of the brand that was not visible to the public before.

Event Promotion

If you are planning an event, you have the chance to use Instagram images to let people know about the event, and even connect with it. You can identify a few hashtags and use them for the task. Using relevant hashtags boosts the engagement levels of the event, which leaves the audience discussing the event.

Market Your Brand

Companies are using Instagram to market their brands to the audience. You might argue that you already have an SEO company in place to handle the task, but the truth is this isn’t enough. You need to market the brand on a wider platform that can guarantee you converting web traffic.

You can use the right hashtags to make sure the brand gets found in search engine results on the platform. You can do this by making sure you post appealing images to the Instagram pages.

Once you have the content, you can get the followers. When we started out marketing campaign, Spire told us that the best way is to get quality followers and deliver the best content. This is what we did, and as we speak, Instagram is giving us the largest chunk of web traffic. You need to try it too!