What kind of braces to choose? The main types of braces.

Nowadays every person wants to have a shining smile and beautiful teeth. However, there are many people, who were born with crooked teeth and required cosmetic dentistry treatment. Therefore, if you have such kind of a problem, the braces may help you to deal with it.

In order to proceed with such treatment, it is necessary to decide what braces system will be used. As of today, there are a lot of the braces systems, which differ in the following parameters: appearance, the material used for its manufacture, the technique of arch linking, cost, et cetera.

To begin with, it is necessary to note that bracers can be settled down as on the outer side of tooth – external (vestibular) bracers, and on internal – internal (lingual)  braces.

The bracers can distinguish the technique of arch linking. There are classical briquettes (with use of ligatures) and self-ligating (eligulate).

The bracers also differ by the material: metal (including gold), plastic, polymeric (ceramic and sapphire), or combined (for example, the mix of metal and plastic).

Metal braces.

In spite of the fact that metal braces are the oldest type, it remains popular and widely used. The wide range of various options of metal braces does them attractive both for patients and for doctors. The appearance of the modern metal briquettes differs from their ancestors – it has the smaller sizes now and can have various forms. The main advantage of metal braces systems before other types are a minimum frictional force between a groove and an arch (on which depends duration of the treatment). However, it has one large disadvantage. It is their larger visibility on teeth, in comparison with other types.

Plastic braces.

It has better aesthetic appearance compared to metal braces. However, plastic is fragile material for the needs of an orthodontia. Meanwhile, the metal groove serves the purpose of a screw in a design of plastic brace systems. Another disadvantage of this type of braces is possibility of colour putting under the influence of the food dyes, which are contained in coffee, tea, cooking and other products.

Ceramic braces.

In comparison with plastic, ceramic braces system are more expensive, but also stronger and wear-resistant. It has very good esthetical appearance: its colour coincides with a colour of teeth and makes them almost imperceptible for people around. It is possible to refer higher friction between an arch and a groove of a briquette to minutes of ceramic braces systems. Therefore, it can increase treatment duration.

Invisible braces.

It is the most comfortable way to provide cosmetic dentistry treatment. It has no metal or wires. Moreover, it is almost impossible to notice its presence. Look for the places like Invisalign London to learn more about this type of braces.

Remember. Before installation of briquettes, it is necessary to consult with an expert. It can become clear, for example, that particular metal alloys or plastic will cause you allergic reaction or that you should use only a certain type of braces because of bite features.

The qualified orthodontist will take into consideration your financial position and will help to make the right collateral choice of the necessary device for correction of a bite.