What to consider when extending your house.

Recently I faced with a problem of living space decreasement. As I needed more space for all those activities I decided to increase the size of my living space. Luckily I am living in private residence, so there were no problems with solving this issue. However, everything changed after I started.

At first, I thought about garage conversion. In fact, I have a really big garage. Also, I drive a small Mini so I thought about it as a first option. However, my father told me that it will be a stupid thing as I may buy a bigger car. So he suggested extending size of my house. After a long consideration, I decided to consult with a building experts Firm based in lancashire with stunning website. Those guys help me a lot because without them I would be making a lot of mistakes which will call unnecessary issues.

So here are the most important thinks which should be considered when extending your house.

  • Minimal allowed size of a room. As I was planning to make garage conversion I did not consider this fact. I was planning to make another living room of it. In the meanwhile, whole space that would be available was about 9 square meters. I did not take into account the recommendations of our local authorities, according to which the minimal size of living room is 13 square meters.
  • You always should get building regulations approval. I was not aware that each work needing approval from the authorities.
  • Special insurance needed. I never thought that my home insurance ceases covering my building when I changing its structure. For this purposes, site insurance exists. It also covers the new works until the completion moment.
  • Your neighbours can not stop you from building. At least until the moment when you are going to building up on the boundaries between the parcels of land. This situation can be solved by getting of all necessary permissions.
  • Pay attention to trees removal. Luckily the tree, which was necessary to be removed was not protected by legislation. Nevertheless, this is an extremely important issue, as altering or removing a tree, which protected by the authorities is a criminal offence.
  • The workers can start only after forty-eight hours after notifying building control. But before this, you need to obtain all necessary permissions.
  • Calculate the cost of extensions. First of all, you need to bear in mind the cost for buying of construction materials. Then add on a fifteen percent workers fee and VAT. Remember, that an estimated cost may vary from the location where you live in.