What To Do With An Unwanted Car

There are several different options which are available to you if you have a car which you no longer want. There are plenty of reasons why you might wish to unburden yourself of your car. You may have accepted a new job in a city area where it is much more sensible to use the public transport system than to drive. It could be that you have bought a new car or received one as a gift, or that you have decided not to learn to drive. It may even be that you are leaving the country and cannot afford to take the car with you, planning simply to buy one when you arrive.

Whatever the case may be, you can follow these options depending on which one suits you best. There are positive and negative sides to each one depending on your situation, so weigh them up carefully before you make a decision.

Sell your car to a used car dealer

There are plenty of used car dealers out there, and thanks to the boom of the internet age, you can now sell your car to them the modern way. Take an example like Rowley Car Buyers, where all you have to do is visit their website in order to sell your car. You just put in your registration and they come up with a quote for how much they will pay you. If you are happy with the price, then you book in a day for them to come and pick up the car and let them know the address. Then you receive payment for your car once it has been picked up. It’s all very straightforward!

List your car on an internet auction site

There are a few of these out there, some dedicated just to selling cars and some for more general use. There are a couple of issues to look out for with this method. First of all, the fact that you are going to need to do all of the work yourself – listing the car, taking pictures, setting a price, and then delivering it to the seller. Secondly, that these sites do not have a great reputation, meaning that you may have to work to a lower price than expected or relist a few times before someone takes a bite.

Go to a dealership in person

You can also take the old fashioned route and go to a car dealership where you might be able to sell your second hand car. Again, there may be a couple of problems here. Primarily there is the fact that you do need to go down there yourself and try to make a deal on the day.