What you Should Know Before Selecting a Twitter Automation Tool

With the growth of social media still on a high, its influence has increased tremendously over the past few years. Twitter is one platform that still boasts of a large number of active users and is a household name when discussing social media. Media houses, individuals, and business brands, among other users, rely heavily on Twitter to pass information.

As such, Twitter is still one of the most popular and most used social media platforms today. However, the demanding nature of Twitter has led to the birth of automation tools that manage your account on your behalf. These tools, also commonly referred to as bots, take up much of your social media activities and allow you to focus on other elements of your business.  They are scheduled to tweet at certain times and can also auto-like on other people’s tweets. Even so, before selecting a twitter automation tools, it’s important to consider the tips below.

Avoid complete automation

There is no doubt that twitter automation helps to keep your account or brand active without you having to spend most of your time online. However, it’s not advisable to automate all your engagements for obvious reasons. To earn the much-needed loyalty and trust of your followers, it is important to have a personal touch from time to time. Automating your account fully can ruin your brand’s image because the human touch will be missing and it won’t be long before your followers uncover your antics.

Get the right tools

There is an abundance of options when seeking a twitter automation tool.  Whereas most of the automation tools are meant to relieve you the pressure of being online most of the time, not all bots can meet your specific needs. Therefore, take your time to research by reading reviews by Fred Harrington and from other review sites. Selecting the right bot for your needs makes it easy to roll your automation strategy.

Ensure you Build your Brand Personality

It’s paramount that you have a powerful brand personality before automation. Your automation strategy should be aimed at maintaining your brand’s personality and ensure there is consistency with regard to your engagement. Automation should build the identity of your brands in line with what you have been doing in person and not replace that identity.

Personal interactions

Engagement on social media is aimed at creating lasting relationships. However, it’s hard to build these relationships without interacting personally with other users. As such, it’s important to engage personally with your followers from time to time even if you have automated your account. Authentic interactions build trust and can be used hand in hand with automation. As much as automation reduces your personal effort, it should not replace personal interactions.