Why You Need an Extra Large Crate

Having an extra large dog crate for your dog is a great idea. The idea is to make sure your pet has enough room to call home and get out of their way. When you have several pets or kids in the home, your dog needs to have a place it can call home where they feel secure. Let us look at the other reasons why you need an extra large crate.

It Gives Your Pet Enough Room

If you own a chihuahua, you don’t need a huge crate for the purpose, but if you own a Great Dane or a mastiff, then you are looking at an extra large crate to keep your dog secure. Remember that you need to give the dog enough space to move, turn and also have space to hold the dog’s plate and toys without creating a mess.

The large crate also allows the pet to play from within the crate. Remember it is not ideal to keep the pet cooped up in a tight crate because this won’t promote its development.

Ideal for Training Purposes

Owning an extra large dog crate makes it easy for you to train your dog. Training the dog requires a crate with enough space to keep the dog comfortable. A large crate also allows the growing puppy to adapt to the crate as opposed to changing the crate a few months down the line. The bigger the puppy, the bigger the size of the crate you will need.

Ease of Transport

An added bonus for owning a large dog crate is the ease of transportation. If you own an SUV or a truck and you need to travel with your Great Dane, you can use the dog crate to transport the dog in the rear. You can put the dog in the crate and you won’t worry about the dog getting in the way or getting injured during the journey.

Having an extra large crate from https://www.selectedbest.info/the-best-extra-large-dog-crates/ will make the dog comfortable and will make it easy to transport the dog over long distances. You can place toys and food in the crate during the transport.

The Bottom-line

Large dog crates are ideal for a medium to large-sized dog. The crate offers enough room for your dog to get comfortable whether in the house or on a journey. You can place accessories in the crate to make the dog more comfortable without suffocating it.